This page is for business' that may indirectly come into contact with hit and run vehicles.

While it is not our intention to place information here that a hit and run driver may find useful in covering up their crime, we do want to make information available to help in making apprehension possible.

It is our hope, with the help of concerned officers or insurance assessors, to place pictures showing vehicle damage common to a vehicle versus pedestrian or bicyclist incident. These photo's do not have to be of hit and run incidents, as damage will be similar in those accidents where a vehicle does the right thing and stops.
Where hit and run drivers may go to cover-up their crime.....

Body Shops
Auto Parts Stores
Car Salvage Yards
Wrecker Drivers
Auto Glass Repair

A few drivers have also been captured by using...
Auto Parts Catalog
Online Auto Parts Sites
Online Auction Sites

Vehicle versus Bicyclist

Hit and run drivers sometimes will take their vehicle to an auto body shop and claim the damage is due to striking a large animal.

If you operate an auto body shop and see damage that looks unusual or is suspect, call your local police. You may not have heard of any hit and runs, but your driver could have committed a crime in an entirely different city - or the press does not yet have the story.

Vehicle versus pedestrian or bicyclist . Damage may be very minor dents to major damage, such as examples below. If you see a car driving with any similar damage, at the very least record the license plate in case you hear of a hit and run in the media later. Better still, report the vehicle to 911, as driving a vehicle with this type of damage is illegal in most areas. Let the police determine if the vehicle has been involved in a documented crash or a hit and run.

Please note - the photo's below have been taken from media outlets and most are not hit and run vehicles. Shown to sample damage pattern only.

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