Bureau of Transportation Studies definition - A hit-and-run occurs when a motor vehicle in transport, or its driver, departs from the scene after being involved in a crash prior to police arrival on the scene. Fleeing pedestrians and motor vehicles not in transport are excluded from the definition. It does not matter whether the hit-and-run vehicle was striking or struck.

Deadlyroads.com lists those names reported in internet media outlets as fatal victims of hit and run, leaving the scene, hit and run, hit-skip cases, or failure to render aid when a vehicle is involved. It does not independently verify the names or information and it is the responsibility of the reader to verify the accuracy of the media report. It is possible that in some cases, a person reported as a hit and run driver, may later be regarded by police as innocent of the charge. Deadlyroads.com assumes no responsibility for this information.

For the most part, we do not include innocent victims of police pursuits, even though many of these end with the driver fleeing the scene. Only those actually mentioned in the press as leaving the scene or hit and run are listed on the roles, and are not included in month end summaries. (Injury Prevention April 2004 carried a published study by the Harborview Injury Prevention and Research Center, in which they estimate of the nearly 300 victims of police pursuits annually, 33% will be innocent victims (30% occupants of other vehicles, 3% pedestrians and bicyclists). In many of these cases the chased driver, will flee the scene of the crash)  

It is unknown what percentile of actual fatalities in the US due to hit and run drivers are mentioned here. While we make every effort to review all media search engines, there are a number of stories that will be missed and/or fatalities that were never reported on. In some cases, investigating law enforcement will keep the story for a period and release it after media classifies is as outdated news. In other cases, victims may die later of injuries incurred in a hit and run accident, and will not be listed in the media. Larger cities will sometimes not carry stories of hit and run victims, as it may not be considered newsworthy. Therefore it is difficult to know what percentage of actual victims are listed here. While we make every effort to verify with multiple media sources, some of the initial reports may later prove not to be cases of hit and run. When discovered, they are removed. Charges being filed are not necessary to indicate a hit and run took place.

Many of the stories carried by the media are courtesy of Associated Press, United Press International, Reuters, or other national news gathering agencies.These agencies will sometimes require media centers to remove their stories from internet sites within a few weeks of posting. This protects their copyright to the story. 

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