Erica Nicole Baker

9 years young
disappeared February 7, 1999

This site serves only as a brief introduction to this horrible case. What makes hit and run crashes so difficult for victim families, is the lack of the driver to stay and accept responsibility for their involvement. Without the party making themselves known, a family is left without the possiblity of closure and unanswered questions.

The only thing worse than having a deceased loved one and not having someone taking accountability for their part in an accident, would be the unanswered questions when you have neither. Either the responsible driver or the loved one to lay to rest.

This is the horror the family of 9 year old Erica Baker is left with. It is a case of a little girl that simply disappeared one cold Sunday afternoon. It is a case where a jailed for contempt lawyer refused, although protected by the law, to divulge information she may have learned from a client, that had died. It is a case of law enforcement desperation, where with only three days before a statute of limitation expired, a grand jury could only be convinced to return indictments for gross abuse of a corpse and tampering with evidence. It is a case where a defendant is convicted and sentenced to six years, but a family still has no idea where their little 9 year old daughter is. It is a case of hit and run where the family can't even be positive there was truly an accident. It is a case with many more questions, than answers.

It is truly one of the saddest caes of hit and run that a family could suffer.

The family site tells Erica's story at The Official Erica Nicole Baker Website


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