Law Enforcement Officers
killed by hit and run drivers

Partial list - more added as time permits
you may submit additional names for inclusion here

Senior Corporal Harold Franklin Baird Jr., 38 - Dallas Police Department, Texas

Patrolman Robert J Baker - Indianapolis Police Department, Indiana

Officer Patrick Righi-Barnard, 30 - Burbank Police Dpeartment, Illinois

Officer Christopher Betts, 26 - East Point Police Department, Georgia

Officer Micah Brown, 29 - MARTA Transit Police Department Georgia

Deputy Sheriff James Dallas Bryant, 49 - Pittsylvania County Sheriff's Office, Virginia

Deputy Thomas William Buck, 64 - Caswell County Sheriff's Office, North Carolina

Motor Patrolman Delbert Pius Buckman - Long Beach Police Department, California

Lieutenant Christopher Claypool, 39 - Columbus Police Department, Ohio

Trooper Theo Cobb, 43 - Oklahoma Highway Patrol

Trooper Wendy G. Everett, 25 - Ohio Highway Patrol

Officer Floyd "Skip" Fink, Jr, 53 - Arizona Department of Public Safety

Reserve Officer Sheldon Gordon, 63 - Dallas Police Department

Officer Gerald N. Harris, 36 - California Highway Patrol

Officer Ronnie W. Hassell, 20 - Metropolitan Police Department, Washinton D.C.

Patrol Officer Robert Lyle Hawk, 28 - Tempe Police Department, Texas

Trooper Thomas Hendrickson, 31 - Washington State Patrol

Officer David C. Higginbotham, 23 - Metropolitan Police Department, Washington D.C

Sergeant Michael Johnson, 39 - Vermont State Patrol

Corporal Leroy L. LeKites, 31 - Deleware State Police

Trooper John Mann, 40 - Tennessee Highway Patrol

Deborah M. McMenamin, 31 - Wisconsin Highway Patrol

Deputy Michael Metroka, 39 - Broward Sheriff's Office, Florida

Patrolman Patrolman Juan Morales, 33 - San Antonio Police Department, Texas

Trooper Sean Alexander Nava, 33 - California Highway Patrol

Officer Dannygriggs M. Padayao, 48 - Honolulu Police Department, Hawaii 

Constable David J. Payne, 37 - Pittsylvania County Sheriff's Office, Virginia

Marshall Delinwood Earl Pearson, 50 - United States Marshall

Motorcycle Sergeant Harry Pieske - Milwaukee Police Department, Wisconsin

Officer James Reifschneider, 37 - St Louis County Police Department, Missouri

Deputy Don Rice, unk age - Eaton County Sheriff's Office, Michigan

Officer W. M. "Tex" Richards - Atlanta Police Department, Georgia

Officer William L. Seuis, 39 - Oakland Police Department

Constable Felice Taldone, 44 - Patchogue Village Office of Public Safety, New York

Trooper Douglas Houston Thompson - Texas Department of Public Safety

Officer Jerry E. Turre, 30 - Califonia Highway Patrol

Officer Jonathan E. Walsh, 27 - Joliet Police Department, Illinois

Officer Gene Williams , 38 - Lahaina Police Department, Hawaii  

Trooper John F Wright, 28  - Washington State Patrol

Information on some of the above officers can be found at the
Officer Down Memorial Page

Also, see Hit and Run Rescue Crew Dies

Who will remember the debt that we owe
When the funeral is over and we turn to go?
To this hero in uniform that was laid to rest
Because of a badge that was pinned on his chest.

A stone in the grass, a plaque on the wall
Will this be the memory of one who did fall?
Silent is the heart that once beat in this breast
Because of a badge that was pinned on his chest.

David Long 1987

Deadly Roads