2004 ends, 2005 begins much the same

The final day of 2004 ended as another deadly day for hit and run victims, while the first day of 2005 gave evidence that the new year would see very little change. Year end statistics are yet available, but the recorded deaths on these two days reflect the degree of the problem.

December 31st saw 2004 closed out with six hit and run accident victims that would die. The day would begin with a 20 year old male passenger being killed in Riverside, California at 2 am, and 40 minutes later, a 16 year old female passenger meeting the same fate in Bangor, Maine. Both drivers in these cases have been arrested. During the day a 31 year old male sanitation worker would be killed near Collinsville, Alabama and a 29 year old male would die near his disable vehicle in San Diego, California. That evening a 9 year old girl in Charlottesville, Virgina, nicknamed Pooh, would be riding on her scooter, given as a Christmas present, when a hit and run driver would strike her. She would hold on for two days, before succumbing to her injuries. And with only 20 minutes left in the year, 21 year old Adam Pierce , a pedestrian in Cincinnati, Ohio, would have the dubious honor of becoming 2004's last fatal victim of 2004.  

The new year began at midnight, and the next 24 hours would prove one of the deadliest the web site deadlyroads.com has recorded. A total of 11 American's would die at the hands of hit and run drivers before the day would end. At 2:10 am, 31 year old passenger Bobby Jim of Mesa, Arizona, became 2005's first American victim.  One half hour later, in Kent, Washington, a 44 year old male pedestrian would be killed, and within 20 minutes, a 35 year old male driver would die in San Antonio, Texas. Within the next hour, an 18 year old pedestrian in Rocklin, California and a 24 year old female automobile passenger in Atlanta, Georgia would be killed. A similar fate met a 55 year old male passenger near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania an hour later. As dawn was lightening the eastern sky, a 21 year old female pedestrian would be struck and killed in Springfield, Ohio. During the rest of the day, the killed would include a motorcyclist in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and another in Avondale, Pennsylvania, and a 59 year old pedestrian in West Memphis, Arkansas and another in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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