Hit and Run Fatal Accidents

November 2004 in review

Courts call it leaving the scene, in the media it is commonly referred to as hit and run, and some states refer to it as hit-skip. The failure of motorists to stop and render aid after a collision is killing hundreds and maiming thousands each year on American roadways. Increasingly, motorists are driving away, rather than facing the inevitable contact with law enforcement officials accidents bring. Deadlyroads.com was created in June 2004 to raise public awareness to the problem of fatal hit and run drivers. This is a summary report of their listed fatalities for November 2004. 

For the month, 100 names were listed as hit and run fatalities. For the following statistical review, 2 of the names were not calculated as they were innocent victims of police pursuits, one a female driver and one a female pedestrian. In both cases the driver being pursued by law enforcement was fleeing police before the fatal accident, and fled afterwards.  

65 (66%) of November's 98 reported hit and run fatalities were pedestrians. This was followed by 11 persons driving an automobile (11%), 12 passengers in an automobile (12%), and 5 outside a disabled or stopped vehicle (5%). 4 bicyclist were killed, as well as 1 person on a moped. Surprisingly, the site recorded no motorcyclists being killed at the hands of a hit and run driver in November.

14 of the 98 victims were 18 years of age or younger, and 14 were over the age of 60. 23 were female, although race or nationality is not calculated. The youngest documented fatality on the site in November was a 3 year old pedestrian in Kansas City and the oldest, a 95 year old driver in South Carolina.

The media only reported in initial or follow-up coverage, that 35 of the suspect hit and run drivers had been apprehended or had warrants for their arrest issued by the end of December, although the actual number is expected to be much higher.  

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