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"I don't know how to quit hurting. I don't know how to quit shaking. How do people bury their kids?"

"Our youngest saw his name on the headstone and started digging in the dirt, saying he wanted to get him out," Sellers said. "It's like it happened only yesterday, and they keep asking, 'Is today the day Daddy's coming home?' It's so sad."
Colleen Sellers speaking about her 3 children Sean, 7, Danielle, 6, and Christopher Sellers, 3, who witnessed their father killed by a hit and run driver on Aug. 24, 2004

You won't get away with it. ...We don't know what you were thinking as you never even slowed down, just roared away with your music blasting loud, leaving two broken bodies behind you. But we know what you're thinking now. You're thinking you'll not be found. You're thinking you'll not be called to account. You're thinking you're going to beat this. You're thinking that, somehow, you're not going to pay the price. And you're dead wrong.

Understand this, hit-run driver: There's no way you'll get away with it. We promise you. The New York Police Department promises you. The law of the land promises you. The best deal you can possibly cut for yourself? Turn yourself in. Call the cops and give yourself up. Call the Daily News if you'd rather....

Otherwise, hide in your hole, and breathe hard and sweat, and stare at the blood on your hands, and wait for the knock at your door. Which is coming any minute now.

(copyright New York Daily News 5/25/2005 to the hit and run killer of 25 year old Carmen Lata and her 2 year old son Alex Chimbo)

"It is an almost anonymous and very somber club. It is like these members move among the rest of us without our knowledge, until it is your turn to join. Then they let you know they are there. Everyone in it understands what it is like to be in it. As well, they all understand what it is like to be around a new member, like us. The bottom line was, everyone wanted to help,...."
John Putnam, older brother of Laura Putnam, killed by a hit and run boater on May 26, 2003. John's heart wrenching private journal is online in Laura's memorial here.

"Lisa will be vindicated because God is there. It's not God that's unkind. It's mankind that's tainted."
Monsignor Cosmo Saporito, quoted by Palm Beach Post, at the funeral mass of Lisa Vichlenski, 2/5/2006

"I hit a squirrel and I have to stop. .... somebody out there killed my little girl"
Anne D'Addio, mother of 7 year old Victoria, killed by a hit & run driver while on vacation in Florida

"Dear Bobby - It's May 27 2003 its only been 10 days since you went away. Some how it seems like it was yesterday yet it was a life time ago. I'm filled with so many feelings, mostly ones of regret. I regret that I did not hold you more, I regret that I didnt ask you how your day went that day. I regret that I didnt make you stay in and clean your room . I regret that I didnt realize just how valuble you were to me until it was too late. If I would have known that when you said to as you ran down the stairs to play with your friends "love you" it would be the last time I'd ever hear your sweet voice again. Oh god why my baby boy why Bobby ?"
Mother's Memorial to Roberto "Bobby" Licea, age 8, killed by a driver who fled the scene of the accident ( 5 children today now live with Bobby's donated organs

"I don't know what kind of a person would just leave a child like you would a dead animal. I've cried so much that I just don't think I can cry any more and then I'm proved wrong."
Candy Ronfeldt, mother of 10 year old Ryan Ronfeldt, killed by a hit and run driver while he was selling Boy Scout pizza's. To Gazette Extra

"I saw my son lying by the road, hurt, lifeless and desperately in need of help. I have to live with this the rest of my life.''
Amy Plantz of Schodack, Rensselaer County, New York. While making dinner, she suddenly had a premonition something was wrong. Leaving the house, she came across a horrific scene, her dead child left by a hit and run driver.

"I wouldn't wish this experience on my worst enemy"
Tawana Wright, sister of 7 year old Chantell Buckner killed by a hit-run driver while walking to McDonald's with two older sisters. Chay, as she was called, had been given a gift certificate for being good in school.

'I have not smiled or felt any joy in my heart for 17 months''
Amy Plantz, whose 16 year-old-son died in a hit-and-run crash in 2003

"I heard a loud, loud noise...My son was there first, then he wasn't there anymore."
Carmen Pack, in court room testimony against accused hit and run driver, that struck and killed 10 year old Troy, and 7 year old Alana, her only children, as she walked them to the store in 2003.

"Accidents are going to happen. But hit and run's are shameful. They show real cowardice"
Bozeman Montana Deputy Chief Marty Kent to Bozeman Daily Chronicle Dec 1, 2003

"The reality is we have to teach values and morals, consequences and penalties. You have a responsibility when operating a vehicle. And, if you have an accident, you have an obligation and responsibility to stay at the scene - and call for help."
California Assemblyman Harvey Weisenberg in Newsday 15 May 2005

"It is wrong that hit-and-run drivers for too long have gotten away with murder."
New York Governor George Pataki on 6/4/2005 upon signing new law strengthening hit and run sentences

"You need to give them a hug and a kiss and tell them that you love them, because you never know when it'll be the last time you will say that."
April Lazore to WLBZ reporter, about the hit and run death of her daughter, 16 year old Jessica Lazore

"After a year of leaving a community torn apart in your wake, here's your chance to finally be a man. Be the example to your sons that my father was to us. Take your punishment gracefully ... so that you can return to society a changed man and a better father and see your grandchildren prosper. My dad will never have that luxury."
Ryan Cote to Brian Leddy, upon sentencing of Leddy in the hit and run death of Thomas Cote, Ryan's father. Leddy was a captain with the Eatons Neck Fire Department. 

"My middle son has said he wishes he could die so he could see his aunt. It's sad to hear a 6 year old say he wishes he could die to see his aunt."
Erika Rodriguez to KESQ, referring to her sister-in-law, Maribel Rodriguez, killed by a hit and run driver in 2004

Only 6 years old when her sister died, LaPria Winchester wasn't comforted when she was told LaKenya was in heaven, Winchester said. One day, he said, she told her family, "You know what? I can take a knife and stab it in my heart because I hurt so bad."
from a story by Kory Dodd in the The News & Record,about the hit and run death of 4 year old LaKenya Latrice Winchester in May 2004 - quoting LaKenya's grandfather, the Rev. Burnett Winchester

"Aaron worries a lot about NeNe. A few days ago he told me to call God on the phone because he wanted to talk to Him. I told him, 'I can't call God right now,' but he grabbed the phone away from me and tried to do it himself. I told him, ‘We will go see God one day. We'll all just have to wait'"
Michelle Baranek to New York Daily News referring to her 3 year old son, Aaron, who witnessed the 2005 hit and run death of his 7-year-old brother Charles Santiago, nicknamed Ne-ne.  

"Fatal crashes are one thing but fatal crashes where someone flees the scene is akin to homicide, and you can't get a more serious offence"
South Australia's Major Crash Division Inspector Jim Carter, quoted ABC News Online

"If you kill someone on purpose you will get sent to jail. If you kill someone not on purpose, on accident, you would not get sent to jail, you would call someone and tell them"
Written by 8 year old Brittani LaFollette 3 days before she was killed by a hit and run driver in Port Charlotte, Florida. These papers were included in papers the local school had sent her mother, who shared them with WBBH. Her mother, Melissa, has since moved to attend law school in Gainesville, a decision she made because of her daughter's death. She told WBBH "Part of me just wants to lay down and die along with her, but then another part says no Melissa, get up and fight,"

"He could survive Iraq, but he couldn't survive San Diego traffic," said Cassandra Killion, noting the tragic irony. "This guy spent time under fire and someone hit him and left him to die."
Referring to the death of 29 year old USMC Captain Patrick Klokow, killed by a hit and run driver on August 23, 2005 

My little boy at the time of my father's death once we told him that his pop-pop was gone and what happened. My son was 3 at the time of my father's death.
He always tells me this:
"When the driver that hit Pop-Pop Skinner is found Mommy, Pop-Pop Skinner will come home."
I always thought that he never understood that his Pop-Pop was in heaven. But the more he says it and the way he says it, I believe now what he means it that once the driver is caught, his Pop-Pop will go home. Home to the Lord were he will be at peace.
Lisa Miles referring to her son. Her father, Lawrence Skinner, was killed by a hit and run driver on November 14, 2003

Charity Of Poor People
A Cup of Chicken Soup for the Soul Copyright 1996 by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen & Barry Spilchuk

"Last year a husband and wife who heard me on the radio came into COPP, and I touched `em because I talk with my heart. The couple's five-year-old daughter got killed by a hit-and-run driver. They gave gloves to 800 people in memory of their daughter. It was the best and most useful gift I ever saw anyone give. Everyone thanked `em and cried because their hands would not freeze anymore."

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